How does it work
Before your session.

Get in touch and book a photo session you prefer.  After you’ve booked your session, we will go over all the information about your session and I answer any questions you might have. We'll talk about the location. I am always up for going to any location that is special to you, interests you, or somehow represents your personality!


Then, the most common question I get is “What should I wear!?”


Dressing for family photos is about coordinating, not necessarily matching. Avoid being too matchy-matchy as it draws too much attention to the outfit and not enough attention to the subjects.

1. Avoid stark white, it does not photograph well.

2. Avoid neon as it casts strong colors on the face.

3. Also, avoid logos and writing across your clothes.


The shoot


I am exclusively an on-location photographer. When we meet for your session, we’ll dive right in. I’ll probably make a fool of myself trying to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I give some direction to ensure you are in the most flattering light and position, then I let you just be so that I can capture your family interacting naturally.


If your session type allows for an outfit change, you’ll change outfits and we’ll begin again. If your session allows for multiple locations, we’ll drive to the new location.

Always know that if the session goes into overtime for reasons such as bad weather, long distances between locations, or other delays that are my fault, there is no cost to you.

All I ask is that you are on time. Being late will cut into our valuable shooting time and cut down on your final selection of images.

After your session.


When the session is over, I’ll go straight home and upload your images onto my computer, then I will also save the images onto an external hard drive.

A few days after your session, I typically upload one or two sneak peek images onto my various social media platforms. Then I will continue to edit the rest of your photos. Once I am finished editing, I will upload your final images into an online gallery. I will send you the link, the password.

Your online gallery will be live for 2 weeks for you to choose from. Your order will be ready within 3 weeks of payment being received. Enjoy!



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